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Food is currently delivered through a lesson a week in Year 7 and Year 8.

Hospitality and catering is an option subject offered in Key Stage 4.

Food is a life skill and all students will be given the opportunity to study healthy lifestyles and cook different dishes in a supportive environment.

On the hospitality course, you will learn a wide variety of key subject areas including; preparing, planning and cooking, front office services, marketing and promotion, planning and running an event, managing finances, barista skills, menu planning and health & safety. These vital skills will give your career a great boost in this growing industry.


Assessment is a combination of examinations and coursework assignments.


Key Stage 3

Students will be given the theory about healthy lifestyles and will be given the opportunity to prepare and cook different dishes throughout the year.


Students are given an awareness in Year 8 about potential option of hospitality at Key Stage 4. By the end of Year 9 students are independent, confident practitioners who should have a sound knowledge of nutrients and balanced diet. 


Years 7 & 8

Students have a practical followed by a theory lesson every 2 weeks. Each week, practical skills are repeated as well as built upon so that students grow in confidence as well as ability. Theory lessons are based on knowledge of Healthy Eating and the role of nutrients in the diet.


Year 9

In Year 9 students that choose hospitality will be given a mixture of practical and theory which will then enable them to have an increased awareness of the subject prior to starting the WJEC Hospitality and Catering Level 1/2 qualification in Year 10. Students will become confident in working in the kitchen and creating meals. They will also look at the full range of the growing hospitality industry.


It is during Year 9 that I expect students to become fully independent in the kitchen, learning to work by following a recipe by themselves. Students should be skilled, and have grown in confidence by the end of Year 9.


Key Stage 4

In Years 10 & 11 students will complete both the external and internal assessments for the WJEC Hospitality and Catering Level 1/2 qualification. This will include both written assignments and practical tasks. Students do a mix of 50% practical work and 50% theory. The final exam that Year 11 students will take is taken online. All students have to pass a 4 hour practical exam producing and presenting dishes that they have chosen in line with a brief set by the exam board. 



Springwell has wonderful facilities with a bright and airy, well ventilated, cooking room.  All students prepare their own food in a shared kitchen, they work in pairs in each kitchen.  It is a fully supported faculty that has a full-time Technician to enable the room to function to a high level of efficiency. Standards are very high in the room, as they should be in industry.  Each student has a set of their own equipment, which they are responsible for. 



Students learn to prepare traditional British dishes alongside dishes from many countries around the world. Cooking is a life skill that I am very proud to teach, and lessons about nutrition help students understand diet and the health benefits of a balanced diet. Students will also learn about adapting recipes for different diets.