GCSE Results 2016

Students at Springwell Community College are celebrating after collecting some excellent GCSE results this morning.

There were a number of tremendous individual performances; leading the way were:  Ben Turner (6A*, 4A), William Antcliffe (4A*,6A), Dominic Lowe (5A* 1A) Cameron Slemon (3A*, 6A),
Imogen Smith (2A*, 4A).  

Students made exceptional progress over their five years at the college, exceeding the already high expectations we had of them:  Shannon Hopkinson, Nicholas Kulagin Lepp, Abbey Thorneycroft
and Melissa Vernon.

Overall the results showed significant improvement on the previous year and, on the new Progress 8 measure, Springwell students achieved grades higher than would be expected nationally.

Ian Wingfield, the college’s Headteacher, was delighted for the students:  “The students thoroughly deserve this success.  They have shown a great attitude to their studies this year, working hard in class, at home and in after college booster sessions.  I know that they will want to thank their committed teachers for the support they have received and we all wish them every success in the next stage of their education or training.  We have been concentrating our efforts over the last few years on improving the quality of teaching at the college and these results show that this is helping students to make better and better progress in their work.  We have high hopes for our new Year 11 who being their final year next week.”   



 Summary of 2016 Examinations

  2015 Outcomes 2016 Outcomes
Progress 8 -0.46 tbc
% of students achieving A*-C grades in English and Maths 40 49
Attainment 8 4.03 4.43
% of students achieving the English Baccalaureate 9 11



GCSE Results 2015

Students received their results on Thursday August 20th.  

There were a number of outstanding performances by individual students, with 6 students achieving at least 5A*-A grades and the highest achieving student receiving an impressive 3A*’s, 6A’s and 1B grade. 

Further success was achieved with a 5% narrowing of the gap between the performance of boys and girls; this puts the College in line with the National picture when comparing performance by gender.  Also the performance gap for Pupil Premium students within the College compares well with the National average, with the College still having a lower percentage gap than that achieved by students nationally. 

This year group had significantly lower prior attainment on entry to the College than their predecessors in 2014. This is reflected in their Key Stage 2 points on entry being 26.1 compared to 27.1 for the previous cohort. Other measures also support this view with almost a 5% increase in students with Special Educational Needs, a 10% increase in the number of students with low prior attainment and an increase of students entitled to free school meals of almost 7.5%.  Combining all of these factors presented the College with a significant challenge and were contributing factors towards a small fall in the headline attainment figure (5 or more A*-C including English and Maths) of 5%. However, when student progress is examined, performance was in line with that of students in 2014, with almost 60% and 45% of students making expected progress in English and Maths respectively.  Furthermore the figures for those students making more than expected progress increased in both English and Maths. 

Therefore despite the challenges provided by the academic ability of this year group performance compares favourably with their predecessors in 2014. 

Moving into the future, Year 10 performed well when entered for external exams.  Despite having lower prior attainment on entry than either of the two previous year groups, with a Key Stage 2 points score on entry of 25.8, they have achieved very positive attainment and progress outcomes in English Literature.  This has provided a very solid base to build on for Year 11 and indicates that despite their lower starting point this year group are on track to outperform their predecessors and deliver the College significantly positive examination results in the summer of 2016.


  2014 National Average 2014 2015
% 5A*-C inc. English and Maths 55 45 40
% making expected progress in English 70 61 60
% exceeding expected progress in English 32 13 17
% making expected progress in Maths 65 44 43
% exceeding expected progress in Maths 29 9 11
% achieving the English Baccalaureate 24 8 9


Gender Gaps* 2014 National Average 2014 2015
% 5A*-C inc. English and Maths 11 16 11
% making expected progress in English 12 14 15
% making expected progress in Maths 5 10 3


Pupil Premium Gaps+ 2014 National Average 2014 2015
% 5A*-C inc. English and Maths 26 20 22
% making expected progress in English 17 6 20
% making expected progress in Maths 23 8 13


Expected progress is defined as making 3 national curriculum levels of progress between the end of Year 6 and the
end of Year 11.

* Girls achieve higher levels of attainment nationally than boys, the table shows the extent to which girls outperform boys at the College.

+ This table shows the difference in attainment between those students supported by Pupil Premium funding and those not.

The DFE School and College Performance Tables can be found 'here'.



A-Level Results

The first group of students following A-Level courses at Springwell Community College, as part of the ASPIRE Sixth Form, received their AS Level results this morning.  The results shows a pass rate of 96% in the Springwell based subjects of Art and Design, English Literature and Media Studies, while over 30% of all grades awarded were at C or above.  

Ian Wingfield, Headteacher at Springwell said: “This is a very encouraging first set of results for our ASPIRE courses and brings to an end a successful first year for this new provision.  We believe strongly that students in our community deserve a high quality post-16 provision and these results show that the students have worked hard and been taught well.  Next year we are looking forward to adding A-Level Drama to the suite of courses we offer”. 

The ASPIRE Sixth Form is a collaborative post-16 provider led by Chesterfield College with courses based at Springwell, The Bolsover School, Heritage High School and Shirebrook Academy.  The collaboration offers a full programme of A-Levels across the delivery centres, with transport provided between the sites.  More information on the ASPIRE Sixth Form, including how to apply for a place can be found at aspire6thform.org.