Results of the Parent Governor Elections - September 2016

Thank you to all candidates for applying for the vacancy of a Parent Governor at Springwell.  The votes were counted by the Business Manager and the Headteacher’s PA; two candidates attended to observe the count alongside Mr Wingfield.

The votes were are follows:

Mr Andy Battley                6

Mr Paul Mann                    19

Mr Andrew Pegg               17

Mr Paul Tingle                   2

Mr Stephen Twelves        5

Mr Mann has therefore been successful in securing a place on the Governing Body.  



Governing Body Membership - September 2016 

Mrs Karen Bonnett, Chair of Governors - Co-opted by GB / Appointed 9.12.14
Mr Steve Pettett, Vice Chair of Governors - Appointed by LA / Appointed 1.9.14
Mrs Sarah Swift, Parent Governor - Elected by Parents / Appointed 4.10.13
Mrs Ruby Matthews - Co-opted by GB / Appointed 28.1.15
Mr Christopher Bonnett - Co-opted by GB / Appointed 9.12.14
Mrs Margaret Cauldwell - Co-opted by GB / Appointed 9.12.14
Mr Christopher Wragg - Co-opted by GB / Appointed 9.12.14
Mr Andrew Sheppard - Co-opted by GB / Appointed 6.5.15
Mr P Stockdale - Co-opted by GB / Appointed
Mr Ian Wingfield, Headteacher


Our Governing Body's Declaration of Interest is available please 'click here' 



Committee Membership September 2016 - to be confirmed by end of Sept 2016


Outcomes Committee Members:

Margaret Cauldwell (Chair), Chris Bonnett, Chris Wragg, Kay Bonnett, Steve Pettett, Roo Matthews, Sarah Swift, Andy Sheppard with John Naylor as the SLT Link 


Resources Committee Members:

Chris Bonnett (Chair), Margaret Cauldwell, Kay Bonnett, Steve Pettett, Andy Sheppard with Sue Liddle as the SLT Link


Pay Policy Committee Members:

Chris Bonnett (Chair), Margaret Cauldwell, 


Student Committee Members:

Sarah Swift (Chair), Steve Pettett (Vice Chair) Kay Bonnett, Margery Watts, Roo Matthews, Andy Sheppard with Helen Staton as the SLT Link


Strategy Committee Members:

Kay Bonnett (Chair), Margaret Cauldwell, Chris Bonnett, Steve Pettett, Andy Sheppard with Ian Wingfield as the SLT Link


College Links:

Steve Pettett with Sarah Swift – Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

Margaret Cauldwell with Roo Matthews – Outcomes

Kay Bonnett with Sarah Swift - Leadership & Management 

Andy Sheppard – Teaching

 – British Values 

Chris Bonnett - Pay Policy & Progression

Chris Wragg - Pupil Premium