Sixth Forms

School prospectuses are available in the Careers library, on Moodle (see how to access Moodle below) or from individual schools.  Students should research carefully the full range of courses available and visit schools they are considering.  Some sixth forms prefer early applications i.e. before Christmas.  Students need to check this to avoid disappointment.



Local colleges offer a wide variety of vocational qualifications and general education courses.  College prospectuses are available in the Careers library and some are available on Moodle.  Interested students are encouraged to visit colleges on open days.  Some college courses are very competitive and require early application i.e. before Christmas.



Sixth Forms and Colleges have bursary funds to assist with the cost of full time education. You will need to enquire with each individual establishment as to what their arrangements are.



Work-based training gives young people the chance to gain qualifications whilst they are working, usually in a training centre.  They will work towards an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification).  Centre based trainees may be eligible to apply for a bursary.


Work Study Programme

Some training providers offer this as a short programme, often 18 weeks or more at level 1 to ‘bridge the gap’ between school and college/work/other opportunities. A range of qualifications at level 1 can be achieved following a 6-12 month course – depending on the provider.



With the raising of the school leaving age, students now in Year 11 will be expected to remain in education until age 18. This may involve A levels, college, an apprenticeship or any job with nationally recognised training. Students can contact companies, talk to contacts, read local newspapers or look at  Students who are seeking work or training need to register with the YouthInc service ( when they leave school, to enable their families to continue to claim Child Benefit.  (Please note: most people under 18 cannot claim other benefits)



To access Moodle go to the College website:  Click on the ‘Moodle’ link/icon at the right hand side of the screen, click on Pastoral then Careers to view various websites such as UCAS and National Careers Service. Or click the link:



Students should be encouraged to research all the options before making decisions.  It is perfectly acceptable to apply for several options and to make a final decision once they have received their GCSE results next August.  Most establishments have an “Open Day” which they should also attend.



Who to contact if you have any CEIAG questions:

Mrs Clarke Springwell Careers Adviser
Mrs Payne Careers Adviser
Mr Naylor Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for CEIAG
Mr Jacques Faculty Leader for PSHCE (including careers)
Mrs Cheetham LRC Manager
Mrs Fisher Aspire Sixth Form Pastoral Care

You can also talk to your Student Progress Leader, Form Tutor or any member of Springwell staff. 


Useful Links


Students need to make their own account to use this software.
You may need the licence code to do this.  The licence code is: steptest26


National Careers Service


National Careers Service Job Profiles & Job Search


National Careers Service CV Builder


National Careers Service Interview Tips is a leading careers information and development website publishing books and other careers-based resources. Their books include How to Become a Firefighter, How to Become Cabin Crew and How to Become a Social Worker. They also publish series of psychometric and numerical reasoning tests, and various educational assessment books.