Results Day 2019

Students at Springwell Community College are celebrating this morning after collecting some excellent GCSE results.

Amongst the highest achieving students were Cherry M, Emma M, Jessica L, Alfie C and Ryan H, each of whom were awarded 3 or more GCSEs at Grades 8 or 9.  Cherry and Alfie achieved Grade 9s in maths and history respectively, putting them in the top two percent of students nationally.

Students who made excellent progress since the beginning of Year 7 included Molly M, Natasha G, Jasmine M, Sophie O and Emily N.

Overall students at Springwell matched the performance of their successful peers of last year in terms of both progress and the proportion achieving Grades 5-9 in English and maths.

Headteacher Ian Wingfield said:  “We are very proud of the achievements of this group of students and their success is just reward for the conscientious and mature way they approach their exams.  We wish them all well as they move on to their next challenges in education, employment or training.”



Summary of Examinations












Progress 8 -0.52 -0.16 -0.45 -0.46 -0.42
% of students achieving A*-C grades in English and Maths 40 49 54 56 50
% of students achieving grade 5-9 in English and Maths     30 31 31
Attainment 8 4.03 4.43 4.21 4.12 3.89
% of students achieving the English Baccalaureate 9 11 12 - -
English Baccalaureate average point score       3.55 3.17


*comparisons with previous years cannot be made as the way this measure is calculated changed in 2018
+ in 2018 the English Baccalaureate key measure changed to the average point score


Results Day 2018

Students at Springwell Community College are celebrating some excellent examination results this morning. Amongst those celebrating are five students who attained one or more grade 9’s. Grade 9 is the highest grade in the new 9-1 graded GCSEs and are awarded to only around two percent of students. The five are Hoi (biology, chemistry, physics and maths), Niamh (English language and history), Kimberly (English literature), Jason (maths) and Chelsea (chemistry).

The college’s analysis shows that the students who have made the most progress since sitting their primary school tests are Niamh, Chelsea, Leo, Jamal and Henry.

Overall more students achieved grades 4-9 in English and maths than in previous years, with the percentage increasing from 54 to 56%.

Headteacher Ian Wingfield said: “Our students thoroughly deserve this success which is down to their hard work and commitment during their five years with us. We wish them well in the next stage of their education or training and in their future careers.”


GCSE Results 2017

Students at Springwell Community College received their GCSE results this morning.  Amongst the grades received were those for the new GCSE courses in maths and English.  These courses are now graded on the new 1-9 grade system and have been designed to be more challenging qualifications.  Students at the college have coped well with the challenge and the proportion of students who passed both their English and maths GCSEs increased from 47% last year to 53%.

Headteacher Ian Wingfield said:  “Our students have received some excellent results this morning and we are very proud of their achievements.  They have responded well to the more difficult course content they have been studying and the results they have achieved are just reward for the hard work and commitment they have shown.  I am sure they would want me to pass on their thanks to the dedicated team of teachers here at Springwell who have supported them so well throughout their time with us.  As they move on to their next challenges we wish them well and look forward to hearing of their future successes.”


Springwell Community College is delighted to be the exams centre for Direction Theatre Arts’ GCSE Dance course.  This year the GCSE Dance students at Directions Theatre Arts got some fantastic results and special mentions go to three Springwell students who enjoyed success whilst still in Year 9.  Larissa Myronko did tremendously well, achieving the highest mark in the group and gaining an A* grade.  Also celebrating were Freya Blackwell Lynch (Grade A) and Jade Sarina Goodwin (Grade B). 

GCSE Results 2016

Students at Springwell Community College are celebrating after collecting some excellent GCSE results this morning.

There were a number of tremendous individual performances; leading the way were:  Ben Turner (6A*, 4A), William Antcliffe (4A*,6A), Dominic Lowe (5A* 1A) Cameron Slemon (3A*, 6A), Imogen Smith (2A*, 4A).  

Students made exceptional progress over their five years at the college, exceeding the already high expectations we had of them:  Shannon Hopkinson, Nicholas Kulagin Lepp, Abbey Thorneycroft and Melissa Vernon.

Overall the results showed significant improvement on the previous year and, on the new Progress 8 measure, Springwell students achieved grades higher than would be expected nationally.

Ian Wingfield, the college’s Headteacher, was delighted for the students:  “The students thoroughly deserve this success.  They have shown a great attitude to their studies this year, working hard in class, at home and in after college booster sessions.  I know that they will want to thank their committed teachers for the support they have received and we all wish them every success in the next stage of their education or training.  We have been concentrating our efforts over the last few years on improving the quality of teaching at the college and these results show that this is helping students to make better and better progress in their work.  We have high hopes for our new Year 11 who being their final year next week.”



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