Appearance Policy 2014 At Springwell Community College we believe that a smart, well-presented uniform is very important; it demonstrates the pride that students take in our College and signals their belonging and commitment to our learning community. It also prepares them for their working life and reflects the high standards which we set throughout the College.

No extremes of appearance are acceptable – this includes hairstyles and accessories, as well as dress. We ask for the support of parents/carers in ensuring their child/ren dress and present themselves correctly and abide by the following:

  • No more than one natural colour applied to the hair and an appropriate hair style.
  • A small amount of make up may be subtly worn.
  • No fashion accessories.
  • Skirts must be knee-length.

For health and safety reasons Springwell will ONLY allow the following items to be worn:

  • A single, small gold or silver stud in one or both ear lobes.
  • A wristwatch

 For students who do not follow the Uniform and Appearance policies appropriate sanctions will be applied. The College always welcomes working alongside, and supporting parents/carers if any difficulties arise.

Updated August 2014 / HST