National Anti-Bullying Week was hosted by our Diana Award winning ambassadors over two weeks of raising awareness and celebrations. The team took over assemblies and launched the #AllEqualAllDifferent campaign and challenged peers on acceptance and equality towards others.

Through a variety of team games they got students to identify each other’s best qualities and promoted the power of team work and being an up stander in situations.  During lunchtimes our famous touring photo booth reappeared giving students the opportunity to have fun photographs with their friends and sign our graffiti wall pledging their support to stand up to bullying. The team also gave way 300 free doughnuts, which was a fun way of highlighting that we ‘donut’ want people to bully.

The ambassadors also visited Brimington Junior School and Inkersall Primary school to deliver an interactive assembly to raise awareness of this year’s national campaign. 

Grace, Oliver and Kieran played co-host, which saw the delivery of the famous toothpaste challenge and made students realise they can’t take back words that have been said, so make them nice.

 To highlight the celebrations, a showcase event was held during lunchtime hosted by our lead ambassadors Cherry and Ashleigh, as well as our deputy lead ambassadors Katie and Abigail.  This included a poem read by Aidan and Mollie, a performance of True Colours by Sophie and Kara and a viewing of our secret Year 9 mission; footage captured by a drone of the cohort spelling Anti-Bullying created a really powerful video. 




The final performance saw the return of our award winning silhouette dance.  Part two was called “When It All Falls Down” and was performed by Year 11 GCSE dancers. The performance explored the negative effects of physical, verbal and cyber bullying and the power of standing united and supportive in saying no to bullying. 

All performances can be seen on our college Facebook page and on @SpringABTeam on Instagram and Twitter.





This year Springwell Community College’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors joined forces with Peak FM and Chesterfield Football Club to promote the campaign #SPEAKSHARESHOP. Combined together they went on a roadshow around local primary schools in Chesterfield to deliver anti-bullying workshops, highlighting awareness of the issues surrounding bullying and give strategies in how to tackle it.  

A number of ambassadors were used by Peak FM to prerecord promotional material in preparation for the station take over during this week. They spoke words from real life stories from those who had be targeted by bullying, parents who struggled to support their child during the difficult times and from someone who had been an aggressor. Peak FM were building up a profile encouraging listeners to get involved with the campaign and get the #SPEAKSHARESTOP trending locally on social media to raise awareness in North Derbyshire.      

Over the week the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors worked with Cat and Ricky from the Peak FM Breakfast Show and got other students to explore the power of positive and negative words used within the playground and classroom. They looked at how to become an ‘upstander’ to bullying and who to trust if you witness or are experiencing bullying. The Ambassadors also got the students to focus on embracing diversity rather than using difference as a negative. The tour started at Poolsbrook Academy and then onto Hunloke Primary, Calow CofE and Mary Swanwick. It finished at Staveley Juniors where they were joined by 4 Chesterfield FC players and Chester the Fieldmouse. After an interactive workshop with the players, the students presented in the social media mannequin challenge before breaking out into a dance routine to Taylor Swift's ‘Shake It Off’. 

Not only were Springwell’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors busy out in the community they were working extra hard in College to highlight awareness of this important week. They started each day by delivering assemblies to the different year groups to raise awareness on diversity and embracing difference. They also focused on supporting our LGBT students and encouraging others to be the positive light in someone’s dark times with the #promiseofhope.  During break times the ambassadors held a bake sale to raise money for new anti-bullying banners to be displayed around College and lunch times saw a touring photo booth with funny props and costumes. The Ambassadors encouraged students to sign their name on our anti-bullying rainbow flag to show they we continuing to be  ‘upstanders’ to bullying. 

Miss Hoyle, the Anti-Bullying Coordinator, said ‘the Ambassadors worked really hard to promote awareness to over a 1000 students over the course of the week. I am so proud of their loyalty and passion to such an important issue for students today’.  For more information about anti-bullying week and any advice surrounding the subject please follow our Twitter page @SpringyABTeam.  





Springwell is proud to be hosting the next Anti-Bullying Training on behalf of the Diana Award, on 13th October. Any interested schools wanting to have their Ambassadors trained can contact the college for more details.




Pop sensation Larissa Eddie, Birmingham news presenters Elizabeth Glinka and Rebecca Wood presenting national award to young people set up in memory of Princess Diana

Springwell Community College is delighted to announce that 11 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors from Year 9-11 have been honoured with the Diana Award, which recognises their efforts to educate and promote anti-bullying. Inspirational young people from across the Midlands and Wales, were presented with a Diana Award as part of INSPIRE Series. These outstanding young people from the East Midlands, West Midlands and Wales have invested a huge amount of energy and time to improve the lives of others and receive this Award, in memory of Princess Diana and with the Prime Minister as Patron, with pride.

Since 1999, the Diana Award has recognised over 45,000 young people who have made a positive difference to the lives of others and their communities.  The Diana Award believe that young people should be: encouraged for their contributions to society, empowered to reach their full potential and they should be engaged in social action as early in life as possible.

Caroline Hoyle says: “We at Springwell Community College are extremely proud of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. The Diana Award will encourage them to continue their actions and will hopefully inspire others to create further positive change in our college and the community”. 

Tessy Ojo, Chief Executive, Diana Award, says; “These young people come from all walks of life and many have challenging and disadvantaged backgrounds, however what they share is a deep sense of social responsibility.  Through our unique training, mentoring and development programmes we empower and motivate them to continue contributing their communities throughout their life.  We would like to congratulate all our new Award Holders today as they join #DianasLegacy and an alumni made up of 45,000 Diana Award Holders”.


GCSE Dancers Anti-Bullying Performance 

In December 2015 our Anti-Bullying performance ‘In Time’ was selected by Chesterfield School Sports Partnership to represent Chesterfield in stage two of the U Dance competition. On 24th February, 10 GCSE students headed to Deda Dance in Derby to perform at the Interface showcase along with 7 others performances across Derbyshire. The Anti-Bullying pieced performed explores the negative effects of bullying but also the power of standing united and tackling the issue. The students jointly choreographed the piece with Caroline Hoyle, Anti-Bullying Coordinator and Deputy Faculty Leader of Perform. “I am incredibly proud of the students for delivering such a powerful and challenging piece. The students really understood the power of the performance and how it can be used to tackle the effects of bullying”. The will be shown again during Springwell’s Arts Evening later on this year and will be toured around local secondary and Primary schools. 

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 9th February saw Springwell Community College celebrating Safer Internet Day in a creative way. The Anti-Bullying Team raised awareness across the college with their top tips on how to use the internet safely but also highlighting the importance of having a clean digital footprint. Every year group received an assembly highlight the importance of thinking before you post, share or like something on the internet but also challenging the impact that negative actions can have on people. All students and staff got on board with this year’s #shareaheart and gave their dos and don’ts for using the internet more safely. During lunchtimes the Anti-Bullying team gave students the opportunity to check how private their social media pages are and what information people can access without them realising it. The team taught students how to put privacy setting onto their accounts, review tags and how to block and report anything.  The Anti-Bullying team also spoke on BBC Radio Sheffield’s breakfast show with Toby Foster and an honest perspective on the pressures of social media and how the internet impacts their lives. An information and advice evening is being held at Springwell for parents, carers and young people on how to stay safe when using the internet…… more information to follow. 




September 2015

Miss Hoyle is took up the reins of Springwell’s award-winning Anti-Bullying Team. The Ambassadors have welcomed Miss Hoyle and are looking forward to working alongside her on projects to raise the profile of anti-bullying work across the College. Her first involvement will be the creation of a FlashMob Dance to support and celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in November. We have 7 new Ambassadors joining our team who will trained by our senior Ambassadors on how to support those who are targeted with bullying. Miss Hoyle said “I am really excited to take on this new role and continue the amazing work that happens within Springwell to promote anti-bullying. There are lots of exciting things planned for this year to educate our students and the local community on prevention and support. The Ambassadors are a great team to work with and extremely passionate about what they do”.

Keep up to date with the Ambassadors’ work here on the Springwell College’s Facebook page, please Like and Follow us, and all messages from Miss Hoyle and our Anti-Bullying Team will be posted regularly on their Twitter Account @SpringyABTeam.

Latest College Leaflets for 'Students' and for 'Parents'  


Springwell's Anti-Bullying

We have now had Anti-Bullying ambassadors in College since 2010 and The Springy AB Team continue to go from strength to strength. We have now over 30 members in the team and many people on the waiting list, this goes to show how successful a ‘student led incentive’ is, the team continue to inspire us and the way we share our message at Springwell. The impact of having such a successful team is that we are known as a ‘telling’ school and we are now noticing a positive ethos around our College as we all work together. In the current Y8 we have seen a reduction in name calling incidents compared to previous years.


Facebook HQ Wed 2nd July 2014

Springy Anti-Bullying Team attended the 2014 Showcase event at Facebook HQ in London on Wed 3rd July 2014.

The team's campaigning had once again received national recognition. This was the second time we have won, The Diana Award recognised all the campaigns that the team continued, their work in primary schools, their involvement in Primary Transition Days, Friendship Banner competitions, assemblies, development of The Den in the College’s LRC, promotion through Local radio and the ‘Little By Little dance that Miss Hoyle had choreographed. 

Jodie Marsh, honorary member of Springy AB Team, spoke passionately about Spring well’s work and described us as a 'kind' and 'caring' school which was why she featured us in her Documentary Bullied . She went on to say 'every school should be like Springwell'

During the ceremony the team mingled with celebrity anti-bullying campaigners like Britain got Talent finalists, Bars & Melody & Lucy Kay, Paul Potts, Diversity and actor Will Pouter. Luke won our teams’ award for the most ‘selfies’.


The Secret Dance Project: The Secret Dance Project ~ Dancing against Bullying

After our successful and emotional dance ‘Little By Little’ last year the Springy AB Team and Miss Hoyle’s amazing dancers decided to do all again. 

Chesterfield Market Hall was the venue and the date set: Friday 21st November. We invited our local primaries to join us and Barrow Hill, Inkersall and Staveley Juniors all jumped at the chance. The Market Hall was packed with excited and proud parents and confused Market sellers but all was to become clear. At 9:30am over 100 children danced against bullying, it was a fantastic spectacle of creativity and the children performed brilliantly. Everyone agreed that they were magnificent.

Megan Y9 said ‘This was the proudest moment, I loved dancing in my home town’. The primary parents were full of praise and admiration and one little dancer said, ‘this was the bestest day of my life’ everyone agreed what a strong statement this was. Parents praised the ‘professional’ dance and even I managed to speak at the end.

Parents, Grandparents and members of the public were there to witness yet another creative Dance performance. This was an excellent way to demonstrate SCC’s strong commitment raising awareness against Bullying.

The event has gone viral as our first video was shared on our Facebook Page and up to yet has had over 12,280 seeing the post and over 4,500 views.


Kindness Day 2015: 

We took part in the Diana Anti-Bullying Ambassadors on an exciting international project which was to inspire adults and children around the world to celebrate and spread kindness in their schools, workplaces and communities. Kindness Day was inspired by the bestselling novel Wonder by R J Palacio, a story of kindness, acceptance and friendship. 

The Springy AB team ran a ‘Vote for the kindest Member of each Tutor group’ and they received certificate and sweets. At Lunchtime, the team had a compliment wall in the Library and free hugs and high fives were issued.


Primary School Visits

We continue to build on our outreach program working with our feeder primaries and establishing links with schools out of our catchment. We have enjoyed Anti-Bullying Road trips to schools in Derby and Rotherham, where the team have held friendship workshops and taught children the definition of bullying.

All these schools below now have Anti-Bullying Teams thanks to our training and input!

  • Barrow Hill
  • Inkersall
  • Norbriggs
  • Woodthorpe
  • Hollingwood
  • Staveley Juniors 


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