Careers, Education, Information & Guidance (CEIAG) - Statement Of Entitlement For Students And Parents/Carers


All students in the College will:

  • Take part in a careers programme in years 7 to 11 that helps them to:
  • Understand their education, training, employment and other progression opportunities
  • Develop the skills they need to plan and manage their own personal development and career progression
  • Access relevant information and learning from taster activities
  • Make and maintain individual progression plans to help them improve their prospects of success
  • Offer feedback and ideas on how to improve the CEAIG programme

Have access to, and support with using careers information that is:

  • Easy to find and available at convenient times and in convenient locations, including the internet and intranet
  • Clearly labelled and referenced
  • Comprehensive, giving details of all progression opportunities and associated support arrangements, such as financial help
  • Unbiased and up-to-date


Parents / Carers

All parents and carers can expect to:

  • Be able to make an appointment with a member of staff or specialist adviser to discuss their children’s progress and future prospects
  • Have access to tutors, subject teachers and specialist advisers at parent’s evenings
  • Receive invitations to take part in careers events such as the Post 16 Options event.
  • View the CEIAG programme and selected documents via Moodle and the College website