The purpose of the Careers Library is to provide openly available information, advice and guidance to help students make appropriate lifestyle and career choices. The aim is to help students to investigate all the progression opportunities open to them using various mediums of information, and to help them manage and plan their career.  This includes further study, higher education and employment.

The service is also designed to help students develop their employability skills and access appropriate opportunities.

The Careers Library meets the needs of students by supporting the work carried out by the YouthInc Personal Advisers, the Springwell Careers Adviser, PSHE lessons and the work-related learning programme. It includes information on all Post 16 options (including Further and Higher educational  opportunities) and also general careers advice. 

Students are encouraged to ‘help themselves’ to any information that is available, however support is always available from the Resource Centre Manager (Librarian) as and when needed.

Students who would like an appointment with a Personal Advisor may leave their details with the LRC Manager if the Advisor is not immediately available. They can also be referred by any other member of staff, and also ‘self-refer’.


Information Points

Information points can be found at the following locations:

  • Main Careers Library located within the LRC
  • The Springwell Careers Adviser Office (upstairs in Discover Pod)
  • The YouthInc Office (at the back of the BIC)
  • Various noticeboards around school.  Mainly in the LRC or the relevant Year 11 Pod.



Mr Birks is the Assistant Headteacher with overall responsibility for the management of the careers, PSHE and personal development provision within school.

Mrs Cheetham is the Resource Centre Manager who oversees the maintenance and day-to-day running of the Careers Library.

Cuan Jacques is the Faculty Leader for Personal Development

Liaison takes place between other key staff including the school nurse, the Education Social Worker, ICT Technicians, Student Progress Leaders and Form Teachers.



The Careers Library is catalogued across the categories taken from the National Careers Service website.

Information comes in various formats including:

  • Books
  • Leaflets / pamphlets / fact sheets
  • Websites
  • CD roms
  • Magazines
  • Prospectuses
  • Networked Software ie Kudos, JED

Multiple copies are available of most things so that students may ‘help themselves’ as necessary.  If only one copy of something is available then photocopying facilities are offered as an alternative.

Job Families are categorised to mirror the National Careers Service website and the CRCI system is used to catalogue all other information.

Book stock is removed five years after publication and all other information three years after the date it was received.

All information is updated as an on-going, rolling project, but a rigorous weeding session takes place at least once a year.

Displays around school are changed regularly and themed displays take place at relevant times of the year, ie June/July ‘Work Experience’ display, October / November ‘Applying to College’ display.



The information held in the Careers Library underpins and supports the aims, ethos and work set out in various policies across the school.  These include:

  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Staff Development Policy
  • Careers Education, Information and Guidance Policy
  • PSHCE Policy
  • Departmental Polices and Schemes of Work
  • Special Educational Needs Policy



There is no set budget for the Careers Library. When items need to be purchased a pitch is made to the Business Manager for the relevant sum of money and this is then either approved or rejected.

Most information is available free of charge and much is now available online. 

The Careers Library has its own photocopying code and the expenses for this are paid for out of the College budget.


Opening Times

The Careers Library is open to students at the following times:

Monday – Thursday 8.00 – 4.00 pm
Friday 8.00 – 3.30 pm


IT Provision

Students can access the networked careers software and the Internet on any PC or laptop within school.  If students have a broadband connection at home, they can also access the College website / network and Moodle.

You can access the careers information on Moodle by going to: