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Independent study outside the classroom is vital.  It has a major influence on progress and develops independent learning skills and self-discipline.  It is also proven to support the progress of those from less privileged backgrounds and therefore helps narrow the attainment gap.  Homework tasks need to add value and increase progress by developing skills or increasing/embedding knowledge.  At the moment, Faculties are using many different ways to set homework, for example:

  • Exam Questions
  • worksheets
  • Essays
  • Homework Booklets
  • Research Tasks
  • Revision of Key Term, Vocabulary, etc.

Homework is classed as a 30 minute task.  Faculties can be flexible in how they set homework, eg. if a Faculty is issuing a homeworkevery week, this can be a 30 minute homework or a one hour homework stretched over a fortnight.



Based on how often students are taught in these Faculties homework will be set as follows:


  KS 3 KS 4
English Weekly Weekly
Maths Weekly Weekly
Science Weekly Weekly
Option Subjects n/a Weekly
Geography, History, Art, MFL, ICT, Drama,
Resistant Materials/Food, Music and RE
Weekly n/a



So this is what a student would be receiving weekly:


KS 3 Per Week KS 4 Per Week
English, Maths, Science - 30 mins each English, Maths, Science - 30 mins each
Geography, History, Art, MFL - 10 mins each Option Subjects x 4 - 30 mins each
ICT, Drama, Resistant Materials/Food, Music, RE - 10 mins each  
TOTAL - 3 hours per week TOTAL - 3 hours 30 mins per week



Students must record all homework in theri planners - brief details of the homework with the hand-in date.  Students should be given at least one week to complete the homework.

In order to make homework more easily identifiable and separate from classwork, we have introduced homework books/folders.