Students Matter

Students Matter is Springwell Community College’s student council.  It allows students to have a say in decisions that affect them.


Joint Chair


Joint Chair


Deputy Chair



At Springwell Community College we value the opinions of our students and welcome their role in contributing to decision making.  Students Matter is made up of a cross section of our student body.  Participation in Students Matter has a number of benefits for both the college and for students;

• An increased understanding of children’s rights

• The development of active citizenship through improving social skills.

• A role in college improvement in terms of behaviour, engagement and attainment.


Membership of Students Matter

Every tutor group, in each year group, elect two Students Matter Representatives.  This is undertaken as a democratic process where candidates make a short speech to their tutor group and votes are cast.  This method allows us to build a team of confident and enthusiastic young people who are willing to canvas the opinions of the student body and are willing to share these opinions. It also ensures that we have representatives from every age group within the college.


The Structure of Students Matter

Each year members of Students Matter elect a Chair and Vice Chair who lead on initiatives, report to the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body and act as role models for the group.


Students Matter Meetings

Students Matter meet as a full group of representatives once a month.  These meetings focus on whole college issues, feedback from focus groups and concerns raised by tutor/year groups.  These meetings take place during a timetabled lesson. Students are excused from their usual timetabled lesson to attend and are expected to make up for lost learning time.


Date Period Venue
W/C Monday 14th October 2019 (Nominations) Tutor TIme        Form Rooms
Wednesday 16th October 2019 4           Hall
Thursday 21st November 2019 1 Hall
Thursday 23rd January 2020 1 Hall
Monday 16th March 2020 5 Hall
Tuesday 5th May 2020 1 Hall
Friday 19th June 2020  1 Hall


Charity Work

Students Matter nominate charities for the college to support for a period of 18 months. The group initiate whole college fundraising ideas, advertise them and ensure student participation. 

Students Matter also organise and participate in events to raise funds for College, such as College discos, charity cake sales, Christmas Jumper day, etc.  They successfully raised funding for one of our College mini buses.